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About Me

Beth Beck speaking on a panel on government innovation.

Who Am I

One word describes me best: outlier. As a non-linear, disruptive design thinker, I approach challenges in unexpected ways. I have a proven history creating innovative solutions to complex problems. I'm an outcome-based social scientist with a fascination for organizational dynamics and governance processes. I'm now transitioning from my 33-year career in federal service to public citizen.

Beth Beck in NASA Space Apps Toronto green screen image

Igniting Innovation

At NASA, I championed innovative practices -- which often ran counter to tradition. Status quo offers her defenders a stable, deeply-rooted power base. Ideas threaten what is known with the unknown, inviting an invasion of organizational antibodies. I've discovered that group conflict, though uncomfortable and often painful, is a common catalyst for innovative outcomes. 

Astronaut Ron Garan took pic of Beth Beck's pic as it floats weightless in the Space Station cupola

What's Next?

I was born in Dallas. After nearly three decades in DC, I'm finally back home in Texas. I LOVE exploring the places and faces in this community. I'm honored to serve on the Collin County Culture of Innovation Committee and Volunteer McKinney Board of Directors, and to work with YMCA Texas as a Youth in Government Advisor at McKinney Boyd High School. I hope to foster entrepreneurship opportunities for women in McKinney. Stay tuned....

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