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Astronaut Scott Kelly took this image of a zennia grown on Space Station. Credit: NASA

Exploring life after the planet of Texas.

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Beth Beck speaking on a panel on government innovation.

Who Am I

Beth Beck, PhD in McKinney, Texas:  

I retired from NASA in 2018 after three decades in federal service, the majority in Washington, DC, and moved home to the great state of Texas. I'm passionate about social entrepreneurship, collaborative practice, and community engagement. I have a proven history creating innovative solutions to complex problems. I offer outcome-based, disruptive design thinking to bring about positive results.

Beth Beck in NASA Space Apps Toronto green screen image

Social Entrepreneurship

During my federal career, I championed innovative business practices that leveraged social media, advanced technology, non-traditional partnerships, and community engagement. I co-founded and NASA Datanauts, enhanced and expanded the International Space Apps Challenge, and leveraged Twitter and Facebook to build an interactive citizen engagement experience. I believe in the power of collaborative idea-generation built upon diversity of thought, which often comes from unexpected sources.

Astronaut Ron Garan took pic of Beth Beck's pic as it floats weightless in the Space Station cupola.

MillHouse Foundation and MillHouse McKinney Founder and CEO/Executive Director

MillHouse Foundation is a nonprofit foundation designed to connect women, build community, share resources, and create social, creative, and economic impact. MillHouse McKinney, located at the Cotton Mil is a membership-based social and cowork space for women  with studios, programs, activities, and experiences to promote and support emotional well-being and entrepreneurial experimentation that may result in emerging business opportunities. 

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